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Ever wake up with a shooting calf cramp? Do you suffer from joint or muscle stiffness? Or do your workouts have you crawling up the stairs the next day?


I personally qualify for each of these situations and I know first hand, how painful it can be. As a D1 athlete and current personal trainer, I have suffered from two torn ACL’s and reconstruction surgeries, rehabbed for a total of one year, had numerous pulled muscles, sprained ankles, strained ligaments, and sore muscles every day. I’ve popped Advil after Advil, lathered up with Icy Hot, and tried “resting”. If you’re anything like me, you know resting is impossible and quite frankly, you can’t just put your life on hold when your body isn’t 100% and over-the-counter medications only mask the pain. It’s like slapping a Band-Aid on the problem. After we developed Charley, I knew this product was a game changer. I felt a noticeable difference within minutes. Post ACL reconstruction surgeries, my knee had felt permanently stiff and achy. Although I am super active and continue to lift weights and run, I can always feel that my left knee is different from my right. Charley really reduced my pain level and gave my knee more mobility. Aside from the knee, I am notorious for waking up with a shooting cramp in my thigh or calf in the middle of the night. I am practically brought to tears it is so painful, and the cramping lasts for minutes at a time. After using Charley, I have no longer woken up from a cramp, not even once. CHARLEY contains an alcohol-free, fast-acting form of bio-available Magnesium, which is absorbed directly through the skin to provide instant calmness. Magnesium has been identified in over 300 reactions in the body. It optimizes brain function, enhances cellular performance and increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the cells. Through transdermal absorption, Charley has nixed my muscle spasms and kept them from coming back. When combined with our Organic Helichrysm Hydrosol, Himalayan Sea Salt and Organic Essential Oils, CHARLEY is a powerhouse blend that will help both the athlete and non-athlete alike in their quest for increased performance, optimal recovery, or even just increased mobility throughout the day.


Go to https://mindfulmixtures.com/product/charley/ OR https://mindfulmixtures.com/product/charley-gel/ to try Charley or Charley Gel for yourself! Please give feedback and let us know what you think!



Taylor Broderick

Former D1 soccer player at St. Bonaventure University

Certified Personal Trainer

Current Women’s Soccer Coach at Edison High School



Taylor Tanner


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