Valentine’s Day Couples Workout

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Looking for something fun to do on Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart? Here’s a fun partner workout to try!

  1. While partner 1 performs 15-20 squats with a moderate weight, partner 2 holds a wall sit until partner 1 is finished. Then switch! Repeat 3 rounds.

*To increase difficulty, hold onto weight while performing wall sit.


  1. Partner 1 performs 50 lunges (holding dumbbells to increase difficulty), while partner 2 does as many box jumps as they can. Once partner 1 has completed the lunges, you may switch! Your legs should be burning by now! Repeat 3 rounds!

*If box jumps put too much pressure on the knees, you can slow it down a bit and perform alternating step-ups.



  1. To incorporate a little core and upper-body work, both partners will be in a pushup position on the floor. You will alternate hands, reaching out to give your partner a high-five. Clap hands for a total of 60 times. Once you have completed this, try to do as many pushups as you can until failure, meaning you can’t do anymore. Then repeat 3 rounds!


  1. Sit across from one another and interlock feet. You will alternate performing a crunch with a medicine ball and then tossing the medicine ball over to your partner. Complete 50 crunches each. After 50 crunches, hold a plank for one minute. Encourage one another and do not let the other drop! Repeat 3x!


I hope you had fun working out with your Valentine and feel a little less guilty about the chocolate covered strawberries you might be consuming later! 😉 Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day…filled with lots of love, laughter, and sore muscles!




Taylor Tanner


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