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I love your products and I love you girls. I love talking to you and hearing your passion for what you do. That in its self is important to me. That shows me that you care about what you are mixing and giving to me to put on my body for my ailments.

I first stopped at your booth, I guess you could say I was drawn to your booth, because I was in the middle of a months long migraine hell. I had never had a spell like that before and I had been suffering. I had tried oil mixtures before and was always open to trying new ones. I stopped and looked a bit and when I was ready to talk I opened up about my situation I was dealing with. You ladies were so concerned and helpful. Thank you. You listened to my specific symptoms and recommended what would be best for me. I was able to test some and make my decisions to purchase without any pressure. I ended up choosing Prevail for anxiety, REM for my pillow at night to sleep better, and Abate to ease my migraines. A very good combo indeed.

I have anxiety so I purchased the spray bottle Prevail to carry in my purse. I use this before I go to the dentist or when I have a meeting coming that I am nervous about. I spray it around my face and in my hair so that the scent will carry.

My doggy is nervous at times so I got the roller Peace-Out for dogs. I roll it on the palm of my hand 3 x’s, then rub my hands together, and then massage her ears, paws and belly. Soothing her. She is visibly calmer.

I love my REM pillow spray! It smells delish and it is relaxing too! I use it every night.

I use the Un-stuff Breathe Easy roller when I am having sinus issues. I use it at night under my nose and on my cheeks. This seems to relieve my sinus pressure. I like to use this rather than anything else because it is all natural.

I was sent a sample of Charley Magnesium Sport Gel and I loved it! I am going to order myself one for my shoulder pain from working on the computer and I am going to order my grandpa one for his hand arthritis that keeps him up at night. Review to come!

I carry the Abate roller for migraines with me everywhere I go. Anytime I start to feel a headache coming I apply it to my temples, behind my ears, and the base of my skull because any headache could be the start of a migraine or just any old headache. I never know at that point so better safe than sorry. The Abate feels great and smells good so there is nothing to lose. I will always keep it handy.

- Kimberly Gardner
<cite> - Kimberly Gardner </cite>

I have been using Mindful Mixture products in my practice for a while and my clients love them. I focus on a holistic approach, including using things that are organic, and these products deliver that in an amazing way. The Charley gel works wonders for my clients with achy muscles. The Repair is a nice organic product for a facial moisturizer and, including fighting acne. I had one client that was pregnant that had terrible acne and the Repair cleared it up immediately. The essential oils are amazing too. The Calm really does just that and the Shield is great for helping ward off colds. There are so many options and I would highly recommend adding their line to your practice. They make great gifts too.

- Veronica Willenbring Kinesiologist | Holistic Health Practitioner
<cite> - Veronica Willenbring Kinesiologist | Holistic Health Practitioner  </cite>

Hello, I just found your site and wanted you to know how I use Charley. I do not have diabetes, but have peripheral neuropathy in both feet. During the day it does not bother me too much, but at night I have great trouble with it. My feet feel like wood blocks and often have a good amount of pain in them. I tried the sport gel because I know magnesium is good for leg cramps and thought it might help me even though cramping is not my problem. It really does. I put it on both feet, rub it in, wait a few minutes and put on warm socks. For 4 nights I have slept right through the night with no troubles. I just had to write you and let you know. I just ordered 2 more jars and will probably order more in the future. Thank you soooooooooooo much.

- Rusti
<cite> - Rusti </cite>

Un-stuff – Hands down best oil product I’ve used! I’ve been working with essential oils professionally and personally for 20 years. I used to have to order them out of a catalog. Now people direct-sell oils everywhere. The quality of this product is superior to anything else. I love this particular blend. The smell is amazing as well.

- Jill
<cite> - Jill </cite>