Pretty Little Daisies

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Who knew a stroll through a daisy field could be beneficial? You may have heard of Arnica Montana, but did you know the common name of this plant is the mountain daisy? It can be found thriving in the mountains of the Northwestern United States but it is native to Siberia and Central Europe, where it has been used in remedies since the sixteenth century. Arnica is famous for its ability to reduce sprains, sore muscles and bruises. It has also been used to treat hemorrhage, fatigue, vertigo and bacterial infections like salmonella. Arnica can be deadly in large quantities if ingested so it is recommended to use it topically and not on open wounds or broken skin.


Another pretty little daisy is Calendula officinalis, though it is also known as the Marigold. Ancient Egyptians used these flowers to rejuvenate their skin and it has been revered as having magical powers to enhance wealth and offer protection from thieves. This plant has a long blooming period from early spring all the way into winter giving people ample opportunities to harvest the medicinal flowers. Calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory abilities but it also relieves muscle spasms, detoxifies and is a great healer of the skin. Teas have been made with the petals of Calendula, which have been used to help induce menstruation cycles and ease cramping.


The last flower I want to tell you about is actually not a daisy but more of a weed… Hypericum perforatum. It is better known as St. John’s Wort and it has provided the world with its wound healing, antiseptic and stimulating qualities. It has been used throughout Europe, Russia and China as protection from evil spirits, and used to treat a variety of ailments from wounds, sprains, and nerve pain, to depression and anxiety. You can ingest it though there is a long list of contraindications with other medications and side effects if taken for long periods of time. The safest way to use this powerful plant is to apply a tincture of it topically.


Individually, these flowers have incredible therapeutic properties and they have served us well over the centuries, but if you combine all three together? You get what is called Trauma Oil. Mindful Mixtures uses Trauma Oil in two products for pain due to achy muscles and joints. ACHE has a base of trauma oil and added into it are other anti-inflammatory and pain reducing essential oils that help increase circulation and reduce inflammation and pain. RELIEVE was created for the recovery community and also has a base of trauma oil with essential oils that help calm the central nervous system and reduce pain and inflammation. So the next time you wander into a field of daisies, give thanks not only for the beauty that they present to our world, but also for their gifts of health and healing.

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Jody Pesapane