New Year’s Goals Already Fading? Here’s How to Get Back on Track!

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By the last week of January most people’s New Year’s resolutions are already a thing of the past. Do you find yourself slipping into your old habits? Were you gung-ho about that 5 AM morning workout class, but now you’re ready to go back to sleeping in? If this sounds like you it’s time to rethink your goals and make sure you are setting yourself up for success. 


One of the main issues with goal setting is the goal is either not tangible or it is too far out of reach. When a goal is not measurable, it is difficult to track and therefore it is almost impossible to measure success. For instance, if your goal is to “lose weight” or “save money”, you are setting yourself up for failure because there is no tangible number to track your progress. Try starting with a goal to save 5% from each paycheck. Then try 10%. These smaller, yet measurable goals will help keep you on track and will also help you stay motivated. 


If a goal is too lofty, you can easily feel defeated in the first few weeks. If your goal is to lose 50 lbs this year, first try starting with smaller goals broken up month by month or week by week. Start with a goal of losing one pound a week. After a month you will be way more motivated by the process versus just trying to lose 50 lbs right off the get-go. 


Another issue is a person’s happiness is often contingent on the completion of their goal. For instance, you might tell yourself “If I just pay off all my debt, I’ll be happier.” This all or nothing mentality can leave us feeling very down, especially if the goal we set for ourself may take months or years to achieve. Instead, focus on the process rather than the goal itself. The key is celebrating the process and the small victories. Celebrate and recognize each week or month that you pay off X amount of your debt or even when you go another month without adding any more debt. Your happiness is now linked to the process and not by the completion of the goal itself. This will help you stay motivated and on track for the long haul. 


I hope this helps you get recharged about your goals for this next year! Forgive yourself if you haven’t stuck to them this month, go back to the drawing board, and set tangible, realistic targets. Feel free to share your goals with us below! We would love to hear what you have in store for 2019! 


Cheers to successful goal setting!


Much love, 

Coach Tay 


Taylor Tanner


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