Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mindful Mixtures Relaxation Kit. Image shows 4 essential oil roller bottles and the box they come in along with a decorative gift bag and candle

When I was young, I never thought I would be a mother. In fact, I decided (after watching a video on how babies are born) that if I were to ever have a child, I would adopt. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that some crazy desire to have a child took over my being.

At the time, I had a lot of love in my life. I loved my sweet incredible nieces, my family, my friends, and I loved my dog… a lot; however, when I looked at my newborn son for the first time, the overwhelming feeling of love I had was bigger than anything I had ever felt before. As my child grows, that feeling does as well. It’s a crazy, mad kind of love that only another mother can fully understand. This feeling literally drives you, and makes things like going without sleep for months (or years) at a time, worth it. When Mother’s Day comes around it is a day that should be celebrated, because mothers will do whatever it takes to care for their family.

Most mothers I know don’t need expensive presents from the people they love. Simple gestures tend to be treasured the most. A collage of images of your times together, baked goods made by your hands, or if you are not kitchen inclined, a purchase of her favorite sugary treats. Mother’s Day should be a time where kind words can be written down and handed over to the person who made your life possible. You never know what tomorrow may bring so grab a pen and start writing like you may never see your mom again. What would you tell her if you knew it would be the last time? Don’t make the mistake of waiting for a “right time”, as now is that time. A handwritten note of love can get people through the most trying of times.

The mothers of today’s world are BUSY. They work, cook, clean, play, help with homework, are taxi drivers, team coaches, entrepreneurs and school helpers. Every minute of every day is packed, labeled and organized into compartments. Sleep is minimal and stress is high. Mindful Mixtures Relaxation Kit is an essential oil kit to help with life’s daily challenges. This is the gift that mother’s can use everyday to naturally relieve pain, soothe daily stressors, relax them to sleep and calm those tension headaches.

Each product that we create stems from a need from one of our family members or friends. We formulate our products with ingredients that we put on our own children and on our loved ones’ children. We are proud of what we have created and look forward to sharing them with you.

However you choose to celebrate your mom, we hope it’s a day to remember!





Jody Pesapane


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