Frankincense: The Resin of the Gods

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There is no other aroma like the luscious richness of Frankincense. Frankincense essential oil is derived from the Boswellia tree resin through steam or CO2 distillation. There are many different species of Boswellia that are known to produce a sweet yet hypnotizing scent but there are 4 main types of trees that are being cultivated. Specific trees reflect the country they come from, for example, Boswellia carterii, (North Eastern Somalia), Boswellia papyrifera, (Northern Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan), Boswellia serrata (North West India) and Boswellia sacra (Oman). The origin of its name, having evolved from the French “frank encens”, translates to “high quality incense”. For thousands of centuries its scent represented purification as it was burned to ward off evil spirits. It was used in meditations to enable connections with higher spirits. It was used in embalming ceremonies and offered as gifts to kings and others of nobility.

In the ancient world, all Frankincense trees belonged to the King and only he could negotiate the harvesting rights with merchants. Today there is an unspoken agreement that the families that live by the trees have the right to be the caretakers and harvesters of the trees. Harvesting this resin is a time consuming process where deep incisions are made into the bark and the trees “blood” comes out as a milky white substance (the resin), which seals the wound and aids in both protection from infections and heals the tree. After several months of drying, the resin hardens and can then be scrapped off. The quality is determined by the opacity of the resin. This resin can then be distilled into essential oil or used directly as incense.

Through fragrance and unique molecular structure, the essential oil of Frankincense can directly stimulate the limbic system and the hypothalamus through inhalation and topical use. The hypothalamus controls growth and sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. Frankincense has the ability to clear depression, anxiety, stress, negative energies, sinuses, helping with asthma, reducing menstrual pain, arthritis pain, and even purifying the red and white blood cells. The healing benefits of frankincense are vast and they have traditionally centered on disease prevention and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists and researchers have been able to confirm that boswellic acids contain a powerful ability to modify the immune system. A healthy immune system will regulate inflammation and promote cellular health.

We use Frankincense in a variety of our products because it not only is one of our favorite oils to use for optimal health, but because it works so well for many different ailments. ACHE, containing Frankincense, is one of our top products for muscles and joints. It helps reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and helps reduce pain. Another product that features Frankincense is SHIELD, our immune booster for when you feel like you’re coming down with a cold. This powerful blend will knock out the nasty bugs and help restore your immune system to a natural balance. There is something to be said about a tree that has been revered for as long as the history of man. Frankincense is one of nature’s most cherished gifts and we are lucky to be able to reap its many benefits.

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