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Hello everyone,

So a lot of people have walked up to me at the gym recently asking questions regarding weight lifting and general exercise, so I thought I would share their questions and relay some tips in case some of you had the same ones.

Main question, I need to lose x amount of pounds…can you tell me what exercise I need to do? First off, there isn’t one exercise you can do that will make you lose weight overnight. Unfortunately our society today has become programmed to want the quick fix. We want what is readily available and we want it NOW! With weight loss, muscle gain, and overall fitness, there isn’t one simple answer any professional can give you that will make you lose weight by tomorrow. It takes a balanced diet, a regular exercise regimen, and commitment. Without any one of these things, you will not see the desired results. With that being said, by following a program designed to help you lose 1-2 lbs per week, you will have greater success in keeping the weight off long-term and it is healthier for your body. Losing a large amount of weight very quickly is tough on your body, both physically and psychologically, and it is tougher to keep the weight off.

Here’s a quick tip about weight lifting to get you started. If your overall goal is weight loss and toning, you will want to stick with sets of 3 or 3 rounds. You will want to perform 15 repetitions or reps during each one of these sets. By performing an exercise, 15 reps for 3 sets, you are exhausting the muscle in order to break down the muscle tissue. It is essential to break down the muscle tissue so that the body can rebuild itself stronger. This requires energy (which means burning calories)! If you only perform one or two sets of a particular exercise, you are not fully breaking down the muscle tissue and therefore your workout is not going to be as efficient as it could/should be.

Use caution in the gym when observing those around you. Not everyone is using proper form, so it is not wise to watch others and copy what they are doing. Even someone who appears fit and seems to know what they are doing, does not always use correct form, so copying them could lead you to injure yourself.

What is proper form?

It is always important to remember to tighten your core, keep your shoulders back and down and your chest up. If you begin each exercise with these three things, you pretty much can’t go wrong. It is crucial to keep your core engaged to protect your back and to make sure you are exercising proper posture. Keeping your shoulders down and back (think shoulders as far away from your ears as possible) relaxes your trapezius muscle and neck and reduces the chances of straining your neck. “Puffing” out your chest and standing up tall also helps to relax the shoulders and put you in the proper position to begin an exercise (while standing). Take a visit to to see videos and pictures of particular exercises to ensure that you are using the right form to avoid injury.

Hopefully this helped to clear things up for some of you!

If you have any further questions or are interested in a fitness program, email me at or call at 714-625-1293.




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