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Anyone who has taken a science class learns that all material things are made up of atoms. Science has proven that atoms are 99.99999 percent energy and .00001 percent matter. This means that every little thing that exists in our world is made of energy. Written in the laws of the universe is the law of vibration. Everything in the universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency unique to itself. We are basically walking through life as big balls of energy! When we are happy, our vibration changes as it does when we are sad or when we are in danger. According to Lyn Freeman, humans emit a low-level light, heat and acoustical energy. We also have electrical and magnetic properties, which forms what is called a biofield. Our biofield affects anything that we come into contact with. Imagine being stuck in a small space with someone who is very angry. We can all feel the energy of that person and it makes us want to run away!


Gemstones and crystals are made up of minerals and obtain different structures. Each stone has it’s own unique energy depending on it’s structure and mineral content. On a cellular level, our bodies contain the same minerals that these stones are made of. For centuries, it is believed by many that gemstones can affect our own energy field in positive ways. Gemstones can amplify, balance and restore health to our systems. They are natural stress relievers, can ward off negative energy and enhance communication and expression. They can help the body stay grounded, increase self worth and protect the body from electromagnetic radiation.

Crystal Water

The oldest amulet that is known dates back to over 30,000 years ago and was made of Baltic Amber. People have been mining for gemstones and crystals since 4000 BC, and they have played a part in all religions since the dawn of civilized time. There are more than 4000 minerals found on earth with crystalline structures. Since gemstones have energy and emit vibrations, they can be placed in water to alter the energy and vibration of the water. This water can then be used to enhance our own energy fields. Mindful Mixtures has created four different products using gemstone water to enhance your wellbeing.


AWAKEN is made with Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite and Shungite stones to protect the body from electromagnetic radiation. This spray helps you feel more grounded, wakes up the spirit and sharpens communication skills. ENCHANT is created with Pink Tourmaline and Lupidolite gemstones to help calm and soothe the heart. This spray encourages independence, self love and trust while rekindling passions and a zest for life. PREVAIL is made with Emerald and Amethyst gemstones to calm the mind. This spray helps banish negativity and addictive actions and encourages emotional stability. SMUDGE is made with Laborodite gemstones to help protect from negative energy. This is a smokeless smudge spray that helps rid an area of negativity and promotes balance back into your space.

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