Enduring Life with Headaches

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I have been suffering from headaches since I was a small child. As I grew older, they increased in severity and frequency until reaching the age of 19. The headaches that I thought were terrible turned into unimaginable agony. I didn’t know of the term migraine until after the first one hit. I didn’t think headaches could get any worse than what they already were. I had gotten used to functioning with the daily pounding, and some days were worse than others, but when the migraine hit, it took me completely out of commission.

Migraines produce throbbing, searing pain through a section in your brain causing some (like myself) to become nauseous and sick, which only makes the throbbing worse. Anything in daylight is nearly impossible to look at and sounds are amplified beyond measure. The feeling of pounding occurs in constant intervals for hours and sometimes days on end. I have dislocated limbs, gave birth, and almost bled out from an esophagus tear, but nothing has tortured me more than the plague of migraine headaches. No one understands why they happen, but they affect approximately 12% of adults and are 2 – 3 times more common in women.

Since I’m not interested in taking pharmaceuticals, I’ve tried almost all natural remedies for migraine relief. When I started my journey into the plant realm I spent many months trying different formulas to relieve my headaches until I finally came up with something that definitely helped. ABATE was Mindful Mixtures very first product, and is one I try not to leave home without. It is power packed with anti inflammatory and stimulating properties that help reduce pressure and pain down to a more manageable level. TENSION is another headache blend for those who suffer from the common headache and it works by relaxing the muscles and increasing circulation.

With the weather being all over the map, (heat wave one week, cold and windy the next), our atmospheric pressure is constantly changing. Migraines and headaches have been linked to barometric pressure changes, including humidity, and temperature. The Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles reports that overcast, cloudy and rainy days produce more migraine headaches. If you suffer from headaches, try keeping a journal so you can look back to see if there are patterns, (food that was eaten, the outside weather, emotional stress, etc.) I empathize with anyone who suffers with these terrible conditions. It is my hope that our headache blends can help give you a reprieve from the pain.

Wishing you all a very pain free and Happy Holiday!



Jody Pesapane