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With Christmas only four days away, most of you are really feeling the pressure. Last minute shopping trips, final touches on decorations, and expedited amazon prime shipments are just a few of the many things on your plate right now. With all the craziness, it is very easy to let your workouts fall to the side, while your entire family flies in from across the country. As a personal trainer, I see first hand that December is a slower month at the gym because families go on vacation over the holidays OR clients simply say they don’t have time. One thing I can’t stress enough is that there IS always time, you just have to make your workout a priority and possibly make small sacrifices to accomplish it. Later on, I will discuss a simple and short workout to do at home that does not require a lot of time or equipment.

Another point I wanted to bring up is New Year’s resolutions. I like the idea of a New Year’s resolution in theory, however it causes people to talk about their goal or aspirations for an entire two to three weeks, while they continue to do the same things they say they want to change. My question is why wait? So your goal is to make it to the gym 3x per week starting January 1st. If you started now you could have 3-5 workouts already in before the New Year! Waiting to start your goal only prolongs the process of actually achieving it.

Here’s an example of an at home workout that can be done in 30 min! No gym required, yet you’ll be burning approximately 350 calories AND building muscle!

  1. 2 min jumping jacks (Complete as many as you can in 2 min)


  1. 15 Squats (Can perform with weights or body weight; for even greater difficulty – try jump squats)


  1. 2 min mountain climbers (Complete as many as you can in 2 min)


  1. 20 lunges (Can perform with weights or body weight)


  1. 2 min of burpees (Complete as many as you can in 2 min)


  1. 15 pushups (Can perform on knees as well)



I hope everyone has an amazing holiday season with their family and friends and remember it does not require a lot of time to get your workout in! You only need 30 min to have an effective, fat-burning workout in the privacy of your own home. And lastly, don’t wait until January 1st, start TODAY. Why wait to achieve your goals?




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