Aromatherapy for Dogs

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For generations we have adopted the dog as a dependable companion and in turn, they impart themselves as one of the family. One hundred years ago they survived on raw meat and table scraps, consisting of locally produced and in season food. As time has gone on with large-scale agriculture replacing smaller farms and chemicals becoming an industry, the lifespan of our animal friends has slowly receded to almost 1/2 of what it used to be. In the 1950’s the lifespan of a golden retriever was 15-16 years. Today, they average 7-9 years. They suffer from allergies, skin conditions, ear infections, hip dysplasia and a variety of cancers.

Natural and holistic therapies for animals are becoming more popular as we gain knowledge about the hazards of being exposed to toxic chemicals, including what is in our own modern medicine. French veterinarians have been using essential oils, hydrosols (plant waters), and aromatherapy with success on dogs for many years. Aromatherapy works primarily on the physical level of dogs and topical applications have been known to work best. Inhalation therapy can also be used with diffusers, spray bottles or with the help of a human hand near their nose.


If you compare our olfactory system to that of a dog, we have roughly 40-50 million scent receptors and dogs have approximately two times more, averaging 150 million scent receptors. Dogs also have a tremendous amount of brain tissue that connect with these olfactory cells (some estimate nearly 1/3 of their brain). This fact, coupled with their smaller size, makes it important to know the proper blending ratios when making products for them. It is also imperative that those making aromatherapy products for dogs are using therapeutic grade oils from reputable sources.

Mindful Mixtures has created several products for dogs. This month we are featuring two products in our pet line, including Anxious and Peace-Out for Dogs. ANXIOUS is our separation soother. We use a combination of hydrosol and essential oils that help lower heart rate and calm the nerves. For dogs who get depressed and lethargic, we have created PEACE-OUT FOR DOGS. This is an essential oil roller blend that helps both calm the nerves and raise the spirits. Dogs are always sensitive to our feelings, always knowing how to cheer us up when we are feeling down. Let’s not forget to give back to them a little of what they give to us.



Jody Pesapane