About Us

A Mindful Approach to Life through Aromatherapy, Nutrition & Fitness.

Mindful Mixtures is a lifestyle brand that strives to provide families with safe and effective products that are sustainable for the environment. The company’s goal is to bring nature back to health, creating global awareness on the power of plants.

Mindful Mixtures is an all-woman owned family business. The owners are all health professionals devoted to understanding people’s needs and developing products that can make a difference in their lives. Jody Pesapane, is a Certified Aromatherapist with a passion for oils and botanicals, Tami Broderick, a Registered Dietitian and Recovery expert with a background in chemistry and Taylor Broderick Tanner, Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Soccer Coach and athlete. Their vision is to create a world where people seek plants to heal themselves first.

Their product offering consists of handcrafted organic, topical essential oil and plant botanical blends designed to target pain and inflammation, promote sleep, boost mood and are great tools for relaxation.

Offering only blended solutions that are mindfully made for specific uses, each formulation contains 100% pure ingredients with no artificial additives, preservatives, colors, fillers or GMOs.

Mindful Mixtures has partnered with 1% for the Planet, thereby solidifying their commitment to environmental philanthropy. With Mindful Mixtures, you can be confident that the ingredients inside come from sustainable, responsible sources that are safe for the entire family as well as the planet.

Here’s a little more about the Gurus at Mindful Mixtures:

Jody Pesapane

My name is Jody and I have been intrigued with our natural world my entire life. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography and film from Brooks Institute of Photography, a Masters of Education and a teaching credential in secondary science from the University of Phoenix, and a Certification in Aromatherapy and a Clinical Aromatherapist from Aromahead Institute. My professional and personal journey has taken me around the globe as a photographer and videographer. Traveling to far parts of the planet sparked the desire to learn more about how other people care for their health without using manufactured products.

I began experimenting with essential oils and other plant botanicals in 2011 and have discovered my true calling in life. Helping people feel better is what makes me most fulfilled. I am passionate about creating products for individual needs and I’m continually researching natural alternatives for today’s health. The creation of Mindful Mixtures has been a labor of love and it is extremely rewarding to be a part of.

Tami Broderick

My name is Tami and I am a Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist. I grew up in Huntington Beach, and graduated from California State University Long Beach with a B.S. Degree in Nutrition and a Minor in Chemistry. I am also a certified Health Coach through ACE Fitness.  Becoming a dietitian was a second career for me. It was after I had my oldest daughter Taylor, that I discovered the power of food. She was born with many food sensitivities and I learned very quickly that the typical American diet was not going to work for her. I went back to college at 34 determined to learn everything I could to be able help my daughter, and then others use food rather than medicine to feel better.

When our father became ill several years ago, my sister Jody and I realized that plants, along with the essential oils they contain, can be very powerful tools. Essential oils provided greater relief to him during his last few months than any traditional medicine.

We developed Mindful Mixtures with the intent to educate and empower people to take control of their own health. Our father’s legacy lives on through Mindful Mixtures products, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Taylor Broderick Tanner

My name is Coach Tay. I live for health and fitness. Every day I have the privilege of helping people achieve things they never thought possible for themselves. I have been an athlete my entire life, playing soccer from age 4 all the way through college at St. Bonaventure University, a D1 soccer program. I received a B.A. in Psychology, with a Minor in Sociology from St. Bonaventure University. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and I am certified in Corrective Exercise through NASM. I currently coach women’s high school soccer at Edison High School In Huntington Beach. I also coach private clients ranging from age 18-83. Today I compete in Spartan Races, Epic Series, Triathlons, Half Marathons, and other Obstacle Course Races.

Suffering from two ACL reconstruction surgeries during my soccer career, I know first hand what it means to fight through pain and overcome adversity. Without a healthy lifestyle, I truly believe that my recovery and current physical lifestyle would not be possible. When I was approached by my mom and aunt to start Mindful Mixtures I saw this as an opportunity to help people around the world live a better life. We have created options for families who no longer want to fill their bodies with chemicals and toxins. We give people an opportunity to increase their longevity and this to me is truly priceless.