5 Steps to Successful Goal Setting

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Can you believe we are already ONE week into 2018!? Time truly does fly by so I wanted to take the time to discuss goal setting for this year before we blink and its already Christmas. If we don’t discuss them and map out a plan, it is very easy to continue doing the same thing week after week and never accomplish what we want.

Here are 5 ways to help you effectively goal set and CRUSH your 2018!


  1. The first step is to not wait any longer. Grab a pen and paper and start writing down what it is you want to accomplish this year. Have you been wanting to lose 15lbs? Are you still trying to find something fun and active to do that you will stick with? Is there a race or competition you’ve been interested in trying but just haven’t gone for it? NOW is the time. No more waiting for next week or next month or tomorrow. In order to make a change you have to take action, even if it may seem scary at first.


  1. As you write your goals, make sure they are measureable. Don’t just say I want to exercise more. Get specific! Say I want to exercise for one hour, 3x a week. This you can measure and track and therefore it is much easier to keep yourself accountable.


  1. Another important factor is to put a time frame on your goal. For instance, don’t just say you want to do a 5k this year. Set your goal and say I want to run a 5k by April 5th. Having an exact date or a deadline causes a sense of urgency and is another tool to hold you accountable.


  1. Think about your setbacks. What has kept you from achieving your goals in the past? It is crucial to think about the hurdles you may have to overcome, so when they come up you will have already thought about how you will get over them. If time management is an issue then you may need to change the time of day you work out. As the day goes on, life happens and we can get pretty busy. Try working out early in the morning before things come up that can take you away from your workout.


  1. Tell others about your goal/goals so they too can hold you accountable. If you have someone to check in with, you will be more likely to achieve what you set out to do. Make sure this person is a positive influence and will have no problem keeping you honest with yourself.


….and there you have it! I hope these 5 steps help you achieve your goals for 2018 and allow you to become the best version of you, because you deserve it! Feel free to share your goals with us below! We would LOVE to know what our followers are setting out to do this year.

Cheers to health, happiness, and successful goal setting!


Much love,

Coach Tay


Taylor Tanner


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