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Combating Chronic Disease

The History of Medicine 2000 B.C. “Eat this root” 1000 B.C. “That root is heathen. Say this prayer” 1850 A. D. “That prayer is superstition. Drink this potion”. 1940 A.D. “That potion is snake oil. Swallow this pill”. 1985 A.D. “That pill is ineffective. Take this antibiotic”. 2000 A.D. “That antibiotic has side effects. Eat […]

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Lovely Lemongrass

The lovely aroma of lemongrass can travel much further than just the kitchen. It has a multitude of health benefits including reducing inflammation and relieving pain. It is also a great emotional uplifter, decreasing fatigue and soothing depression. The oil can naturally ward of insects and boost the immune system when suppressed. Lemongrass can reduce […]

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