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A Mindful Approach to Life through Aromatherapy, Nutrition & Fitness.

Are We Really “Fit”?

Today social media and the fitness industry go hand-in-hand. We can be in the comfort of our own home, open Instagram and see hundreds of new products, must-have supplements, and countless ripped bodies with picture-perfect abs on both men and women. The idea of having a 6 pack, fake boobs, and muscle booty is a […]

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Avoiding the Freshman 15

Summer is coming to a close, fall is almost among us, and thousands of college students are about to begin partying, pulling all nighters, eating unhealthy cafeteria food or fast food and are well on their way to packing on the famous “Freshman 15” … formally known as the “Freshman 10” for us old people […]

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Frankincense: The Resin of the Gods

There is no other aroma like the luscious richness of Frankincense. Frankincense essential oil is derived from the Boswellia tree resin through steam or CO2 distillation. There are many different species of Boswellia that are known to produce a sweet yet hypnotizing scent but there are 4 main types of trees that are being cultivated. Specific […]

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