Yoga Essentials

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Blends to Aid in Yoga and in Life



Clear away negative energies and find your inner peace with these organic blends created for the yoga-loving soul.

2 oz spray bottle of RENEW, our all natural yoga mat cleaner
2 oz spray bottle of SMUDGE, our gemstone body mist / sage energy clearing spray
10 ml roller bottle of OM, our stress management, calming blend

Extend the life of your mat by spraying a little RENEW after each practice. This refreshing blend of antibacterial oils work together to combat bacteria, eliminate odor, and invigorate your practice, while keeping your mat smelling fresh.

Use SMUDGE, to cleanse your aura, clear negative or unwanted energies from your sacred space, and protect your spiritual connection during meditation with this powerful blend. Our gemstone infused water amplifies the use of our essential oils, providing all the benefits of traditional smudging without the smoke.

Achieve OM, or your own inner silence with this proprietary blend of calming, soothing and relaxing essential oils.  Our special calming blend of organic Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile, when combined with the delicious scent of our Vanilla Infused MCT oil, is sure to bring about harmony and peacefulness.


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