Sweet Dreams

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Blends for Common Sleep Complaints


For those who struggle with getting to sleep and staying asleep, we’ve included three of our go to blends to help aid in the quest for that perfect night’s sleep.

10 ml roller bottle of TRANQUILITY, our all natural, sleep blend
2 oz spray bottle of REM, our pillow, linen or aromatherapy room spray
10 ml roller bottle of OM, our stress management, calming blend

Have things on your mind and cannot settle down?  Reach for our all natural TRANQUILITY sleep blend, to help soothe occasional sleeplessness and improve the quality of your Z’s. The woodsy aroma helps to calm emotions and relax the mind, thus promoting a restful state.

Jump-start sweet dreams by spraying our all natural, REM pillow spray onto your pillow or throughout your room to maximize your sleep experience. The gentle aromas of Lavender and Orange will help soothe frazzled nerves, calm the senses and ease your racing mind into a gentle lull as you drift off to your very own wonderland.

Achieve OM, or your own inner silence with this proprietary blend of calming, soothing and relaxing essential oils.  Our special calming blend of organic Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang and Roman Chamomile, when combined with the delicious scent of our Vanilla Infused MCT oil, is sure to bring about harmony and peacefulness.


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3.12 x 1.54 x 4.84 in


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