Alternative practitioners have been using crystals and gemstones as conduits to healing for centuries. It is believed that they bring positive healing energy into the body while pushing the negative, disease-causing energy out. Wearing specific crystal jewelry or using gemstone essences on the body can help to balance and protect against certain negative vibrations.

Our Gemstone Body Mists use the infused essence (vibrations) of specific gemstones, charged by the full moon and sun, in purified water. We’ve added additional organic, therapeutic grade essential oils to amplify and enhance the gemstones to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

SMUDGE contains the essence of the Labradorite gemstone along with a white sage hydrosol which provides all the benefit of traditional smudging but without the smoke.  Cleanse your aura, clear negative or unwanted energies from your sacred space, and protect your spiritual connection during meditation with this powerful blend.

Spray After:

  • Experiencing emotional trauma
  • A breakup or illness
  • Moving into a new home
  • After being exposed to any negative energy

As with all of our blends, SMUDGE contains only 100% therapeutic grade organic ingredients for your healthy lifestyle. All of our products are responsibly sourced and handcrafted with care from our family to yours.

Shake well and spray around room or space. May also spray above the head and let it float down over your body. Spray as often as needed.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 1.54 x 4.84 in

Size: 2 oz.

Bottle Dimensions: 4.84” Height x 1.54” Diameter

Filled Weight: 4.25 oz.


Caution: If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician before handling. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

For aromatic use only, not for internal use.

Ingredients: Gemstone infused water of Labradorite, Organic Sage Hydrosol (Salvia apiana), Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) & Citric Acid


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