Happy Traveler

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Botanical Blends to Make Traveling a Breeze



Help soothe those typical travel woes with our trio of botanical blends.

Gift Set includes the following blends:

10 ml roller bottle of SHIELD, our immune defense blend
10 ml roller bottle of QUEASY, our anti-nausea, natural motion sickness relief blend
10 ml roller bottle of TRANQUILITY, our all natural, sleep blend

Designed to support healthy immune functions, SHIELD contains a proprietary blend of essential oils known for their anti-viral and anti microbial effects.  Ginger Grass, along with Niaouli, Oregano, Black Pepper, Frankinsence and Thyme offer a fragrant, natural and effective way to help boost and protect overall body wellness.

Bring balance to the digestive system and nix nausea naturally with QUEASY, our all-natural blend of organic essential oils. Breathe in or roll on to nix those symptoms association or aggravated by motion, such as nausea and dizziness.

Travel can interrupt your time clock, so when you have trouble winding down after a day of travel, reach for our all natural TRANQUILITY sleep blend.  Help soothe occasional sleeplessness and improve the quality of your Z’s. The woodsy aroma helps to calm emotions and relax the mind, thus promoting a restful state.


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