Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air

In December I was witness to the largest fire in the history of California. For two solid weeks I watched in horror as my neighboring cities burned and the hills behind my house became engulfed in flames. Stuck inside because the air was too hazardous to breathe, my family and I were in a constant state of stress, worry and fear. Once the fire was extinguished, tragic mudslides occurred after a powerful storm leaving many people homeless or trapped. The tension, fear and sometimes loss that go along with any disaster can stay in your space and in your heart long after the disaster has gone. The energy caused by negative emotions can linger and produce additional stress, arguments and unwanted feelings.

For thousands of years many cultures have used plants to generate smoke as a symbolic means of cleansing, clearing and preventing disease. As the smoke ascends to heaven, prayers and intentions are spoken for a better, safer and healthier space. This ancient tradition has only glimpsed our mainstream consciousness in the last few decades. Smudge sticks, Palo Santo wood and various resins have been used to burn for meditations and spiritual practices but they can also be used in every day life at home. Since we are made up of energy, everything we do leaves an energetic footprint. When we are happy and calm, the space around us feels light and clear. When we are angry or tense, the space around us feels thick and heavy. When there are multiple people living in the same space all having negative emotions, the energy in the house can sometimes become unbearable. This is when smudging can help clear the air.

We make a smokeless smudge spray called SMUDGE that contains white sage hydrosol along with Labradorite gemstone essence and essential oils of Palo Santo and Lavender. Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone known for its powerful protection against negativity. Its blue color stimulates the throat chakra allowing communication and truth to surface. White sage is considered to be a sacred, purifying and protective plant that has been used to ward off evil spirits and negative energies for thousands of years. Palo Santo is a sacred tree that’s name literally means “Holy Wood”. The properties of this special tree can inspire creativity, good fortune, love, and protection. Shamans and medicine people have used it to help raise vibrations, to cleanse and to heal. The properties of SMUDGE allow you the same benefits as burning the actual plant without having to deal with the smoke and ash.

I am an avid “smudger” and I have made my son into one as well. It gives him peace of mind to spray his space if he isn’t feeling well. It’s just another tool that we can all use to help us along when the challenges of life present themselves. Whenever you experience trauma first hand, or are simply dealing with the frustrations of daily living, you might want to try smudging your space. Clear out the old, bring in the new, and keep living the best you can.

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